who we are

My Dearest Co is an art illustration brand that creates thoughtful designs with a pop of playful charm. We try to capture everyday moments and ideas that people can delight in.

Our name is inspired by the term of endearment, my dearest, because we aspire to be the gift you would want to share with someone special in your life - a lover, best friend, mother or even yourself. To call someone dearest means they are loved. Cherished. Most wonderful and precious.

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our approach & style

“We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.” - Anais Nin

It’s no secret that what we experience everyday is different from everyone else’s. What we see, hear and feel are shaped by our past experiences and perception of the world. This is what we try to manifest in our artwork. We never capture realistic moments as they are, we strive to add a meaningful twist to what’s around us through different textures, colors or perspectives.

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attend a workshop

Do you live in the NYC area and have always wanted to learn floral watercoloring? If yes and YES!, join our in-person workshops. In the class, we will introduce you to the basic techniques of watercoloring, do live demonstrations and give you time for hands-on practice. After 2 hours, you'll have composed a final masterpiece that is all your own. 

The class is beginner-friendly; no experience necessary. BYOB friendly too. 


meet the artist

Hi! I’m Carol. Most days, you can find me sipping coffee and painting the hours away in my studio apartment in NYC. If not, you can find me working at my day job as a brand strategist. Or...on the interwebs at howcarolsees.com or my personal Instagram

contact us

Keep it simple. Just shoot us  a note at mydearestco@gmail.com if you're interested in partnerships, collaborations or custom orders.