what's my dearest co?

My Dearest Co is an art illustration brand that creates thoughtful designs with a pop of playful charm. We try to capture everyday moments and ideas that people can delight in. Our name is inspired by the term of endearment, my dearest, because we aspire to be the gift you would want to share with someone special in your life - a lover, best friend, mother or even yourself.

Our work ranges from hand lettered notes to bold cheeky illustrations. Every print you receive is original and created with labor of love. We hand write a "Thank You!" message with each purchase to express our gratitude and support.


meet the artist

Hi! I’m Carol. I’m so happy you’ve discovered my passion project.

When I was younger, I never categorized myself as the creative type. I grew up believing that the word was reserved for those who were talented and pursued a serious career in the arts or music. Over the years, I’ve recognized that creative is not a label, it’s a way of thinking which influences how we approach the everyday.

Most days, you can find me sipping coffee and painting the hours away in my studio apartment in NYC. When I’m not painting, you can find me working at my day job as a brand strategist. 

You can find me on the internet at howcarolsees.com or my personal Instagram