Welcome to MY DEAREST

Hi everyone - 

Since this is the very first blog post of MY DEAREST, it's worth a little introduction before we dive in. Shall we? My name is Carol and I am a watercolor and calligraphy artist. I am based in New York City and was actually born and raised in Queens, NY! 

My love for art started when I was a little girl. Initially, arts & crafts was a way to keep me busy on weekends and after school. But eventually, art became a tangible way for me to express and share a piece of myself with the people around me. My mom still has a big box of all the “presents” I’ve made her throughout the years - jewelry, plant pots, drawings, origami and little trinkets of sorts. 

I started pursuing art more seriously after I graduated from college. I had started my first full-time job and I was realizing that I spent a WHOLE LOT of time just working. It wasn’t the worst because my job called for creative thinking, but I craved being able to create something tangible and shareable again. That’s when I decided I needed an art passion project.

...and that is how I rekindled my love for art through watercolor and calligraphy. I did not have any formal art training, but I LOVED the work I saw other artists create online. I took matters into my own hands by taking a series of online courses, in-person workshops and a lot of practice. For me, art isn’t about producing a masterpiece every time, but finding joy and flow in the process. 

I don’t consider myself an expert, but I find great joy in sharing my skills with others. As someone who has a day job, I can absolutely relate to those who want to unwind after work and channel their energy into something positive.

Starting my own brand has always been a dream of mine, and FINALLY I've taken the leap to make it happen! You can learn more about the meaning behind MY DEAREST on our About Me page. Otherwise, I invite you to explore, connect and get excited about this wonderful journey. 

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